Accumulative Slot Games Bonus, Rewards For Every Slots Bet

Accumulative Slot Games Bonus, Rewards For Every Slots Bet

7/1/2019 - 7/31/2019
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2019/7/1 - 2019/7/31

Number of Video Games Model Bet in a DayMinimum Effective Bet of Each GameBonusRolloverApplication Method
110,000 and aboveRM181 Times

To apply, please contact 24h

  online customer service

《Application Rules & Regulations》

  1. This offer is only applicable for the slot machines game room (excluding 918Kiss). Each member can only apply once a day. If a total of 8 games are completed, the additional four models will not be taken into account.
  2. After the bet is completed, contact our customer service on the next day. Please provide us with your member’s name, member’s account number, and the number of completed games. The bonus will be given within 2 hours after review.
    For example: On June 20th, 4 games were bet and the minimum effective betting amount has been reached. Please submit the application on the next day. After reviewing, the system will automatically send out RM88. If the application is overdue, it will be cancelled.
  3. The promotion applied within promotion period will not be able to enjoy the rebate bonus if the promotion specific rollover hasn’t been met,rebate will only be given once specific rollover has been met.
  4. Bonus claim within promotion period by using bonus/coupon credit and bets in slot games, if won Jackpot from the accumulated prize pool, Jackpot pool prize winning amount will be fully donated to philanthropic institutions in Philippines (Customers may request for the receipt of donation).
    ※ The valid betting amount for this promotion is counted based on the valid bets accumulated from this promotion only. Valid bets accumulated from the participation of any other promotions will be excluded from being counted to claim this promotion.
  5. Valid bets do not include: Live Casino, Live Poker, Roulette, Pontoon, Slot Game (Multi-Rotating Slot Machines and Slot Machine bonus double bets), Craps Games, VIP baccarat, casino war games, Hold' Em Poker, Pai Gow games, Fishing Games, and Landlords Games.


《Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotions are for entertainment purposes only, if founded that the user has more than one account, including same name, same email address, same/similar ip address, same home address, same bank account, same computer and so on with abnormal betting behavior, once discovered, iBET will retain the right to freeze your account along with profit and balance.
  2. Any betting done by through third-party illegal software such as 「robot」and 「Open Double / Multiple Windows」may be considered as illegal betting. iBET reserves the right to freeze the balance of the suspected account and close the member account.
  3. iBET reserves the right to check all members' betting records and reserves the right to suspend, cancel or claim back all offers any time if a member breaches the rules and regulations of the event or has any non-entertainment use for profit-making.
  4. If the account is suspected of being abused and / or not eligible for the promotion, iBET reserves the right to ask the member to submit relevant supporting documents to verify for identity verification.
  5. Any individual / team / organization suspected of using dishonest means or fraud for the purpose to cheat/ abuse of bonus, once verified, iBET reserves the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances.
  6. By participating in this offer, you are agreeing to the (Terms & Conditions and Application Rules & Regulations)
  7. iBET reserves the right to amend, terminate or the final interpretation of this promotion and to change this event without any prior notice
  8. If found illegal betting situation, iBET shall freeze the deposit (including the amount of profit and bonus), the system will automatically clear the balance to zero (0)


Please transfer the platform balance to iMoney before participate in the promotion.